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30th-Mar-2010 12:17 am - Bravo!
Wonderful, caring and brave. You have my support and I'm sure all of my flist's ;)

I'll do anything I can to publicly support you cause I'm worried people will start saying stupid things about how much you can't be a good father. Don't listen to them.

So who's happy?

Ricky Martin: 'I Am a Fortunate Homosexual Man'

17th-Mar-2010 11:43 pm - Comment anyone?
Dom que pex
I can't comment. I just can't. Neither Safari nor Mozilla Firefox are letting me comment on any post. It started yesterday with some posts and now it's become impossible. It just freezes. Or is it livejournal? I'm so sorry. I'm reading everything but just can't comment. I hope the tech guy can fix it tomorrow. :(

ladykatiewench, stormatdusk sorry!
legolas_is_mine I will send you an email if I don't find you in my MSM.
26th-Nov-2009 01:48 pm(no subject)
I no can haz pumpkin pie. Nobody sells it here and nobody knows how to make it :(

What does it taste like? I heard some people even get turned on by the smell of it hee!


EDIT: OMG!!!!! I just had some pie!!!! I went to a restaurant where they served a Thanksgiving meal today and had turkey and cranberry and a salad and OMG PIE!!!!!! It was every bit as delicious as I thought it would be. I didn't get turned on but I ask the restaurant to sell me a whole pie and they did and now I'm sharing it here at the office.
Who do you think this man is?

Of course, to my fellow Viggo lovers, it's easy to tell this is NOT him, but my husband Swedish actor Alexander Skarsgard (jeyhawk already gave me the OK o marry him and Skorpie, her cat, will be best man...LOL!).

Anyway... fictionbyeru is writing a vigorli vampire fic that includes him (he is one of the stars in HBO's True Blood) and they play brothers!

It's an incredibly beautiful story with lost of good sex and a very interesting and mysterious plot. You'll just love it. Just look at the banner! Click here to read.

OK AND on a completely different note something funny that I thought about after reading oviaukko's post about breasts.

Can you tell the difference between fake breasts and natural breasts?
Test yourselves here ... You'll have fun! Do post your grade cause I'm curious! NWS of course!
30th-Mar-2009 09:51 pm(no subject)
OMG. Doomed. There's like only one man I'd marry and only one, ONE woman whom I've asked (in the past) to marry me. Now put this together and add a hottie and... I will end up in a psychiatric facility. And it's all lady_razzle's fault.

Razzle... she's brains and a whole lotta sexy. I would never be bored and I'd be envied by the whole world yesIwould.

Pics of the weddingCollapse )

Gareth. And if I could also keep him as a pet (or our pet?), well, life would be complete.

SingingCollapse )

Throw off a cliff:
Viggo, my darling, if I can't have you nobody can I will throw you so nurseowens can catch you, raphaha can control your mixing everything with whisky, idrillia can abuse your hair, tatican slap you (you kinda deserve it), nverland can read you a good story to turn you on, silvan_lady can give you a bath (and he can give you one), mystyiclady3 can have a good conversation (and kiss), kinseymill can tell you what to do with Orlando, ai_hen can take you home, is_an_amoeba can have you for dinner (literally ;)), slashfairy will go for a walk and a talk and sth more (she's a great writer, you should listen to her), go to the movies with tularia and bake sth hot ;) with willys_digs.

Anyone missing? Not happy with your duty? I can assign new ones!
To abuse by clickingCollapse )
20th-Feb-2009 05:19 pm - HELP!
Viggo- light

There is an exclusive interview with Viggo on TV next week (in Spanish). The previews show he is his usual lovely teasing self (except now the interviewer is a guy, so... YESSSS!).
I will watch it and get in trouble at work ;) but what I want to know is how I can record it for you!! I don't think we have Tivo here in Mexico. Help?
18th-Feb-2009 10:22 pm - Don't spoil the party, yeah?
The 1, 2, 3...

1) Slashy Oscars voting is hell!!! It's so f. hard to vote for one. *sobs*

2) Anyone watching/watched True Blood?

3) I will start a meme. My my meme me. Here. I picked, randomly, 5 people on my flist. You have to leave a comment here saying one cool thing about them (it can be only a word and you don't have to do it for all of them). If you are here, do it too (or if just want to do it, go ahead). Ready?

24th-Nov-2008 07:22 pm - Viigo in bed.... that translation.
Interview with teasing, sexy, Viggo in bed here

To the best of my abilities and with some hints here and there to let you follow the video...
Translation!!!Collapse )
24th-Nov-2008 01:11 am(no subject)
Viggo- light
kinseymill, as always, is on a mission to kill me of viggo awesomeness. And yes, I agree with her:

I swear the woman is a professional and she TRIES really hard to interview him in a serious professional way, but he keeps saying things that well, OMG!!! VIGGO!!!

Translation, anyone? Oh but you'll have to give me a kiss!


I love him!
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